About | Kyle Brill, Account Executive

Kyle was born in Menomonee Falls and raised in Germantown, Wisconsin. He developed an interest in dentistry at a young age, due to positive experiences with his local dentist. Kyle’s lateral incisors never came in, so he was prone to frequent dental work; however, he always enjoyed his visits to the dentist. He was never scared or intimidated because he was fascinated by watching and learning about what was happening, and he still has a profound respect and admiration for the dental profession today.

After graduating from Germantown High School in 2004, Kyle attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for three years in the pre-dentistry program. In order to gain experience in the field of dentistry, Kyle began working with Andy at Edge Dental Recruiting and Consulting to assist with general office operations. As time went on, Kyle started taking on additional roles and found himself questioning his pursuit of a career in dentistry. He found himself wanting the sense of satisfaction that comes from helping dentists navigate through often difficult transitions; he changed his focus to business administration to give himself the “edge” needed to be successful.

Although Kyle loves his job, he also has many other interests. He is an enthusiastic Wisconsin sports fan year-round. One of his favorite pastimes is playing tennis, and he enjoys golf in the summer. Kyle loves spending time outdoors and on the water and looks forward to spending more time hunting and fishing.

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