Contingency Searches

How this works: 

You, as the current owner/partner want to find a candidate to join (possibly partnership, retirement strategy) your office – We will find the dentist to join you!

“When you are interested in purchasing a nice suit, you don’t go to a discount department store and buy a suit off the rack.  You go to a specialist…someone that knows the business, and more specifically – knows the needs of the customer/client.” 

This is where Edge excels.  We PERSONALLY meet each client to listen to their exact needs and expectations in an associate/future partner.  Additionally we screen all candidates, do full background checks, and only work with the best of the best.  If a candidate isn’t a top level candidate, then we will not work with that individual.  If we submit a resume to a client, they will like our candidate – that’s our policy!

Why a Contingency Search – It costs our clients NOTHING…unless we find that great candidate.  We are confident enough in the candidates we have, that working with us will only cost our clients if the candidate signs on the dotted line!

Edge provides search and placement recruitment services to the Dental industry.  The applicants we present are obtained as a result of Edge's reputation, recruiting partners, and effective recruiting tools. 

It is understood by the Client that our recruiters work on a contingency basis and as such a contingency search job order is worked on a "time/resource available" basis.   If the employee voluntarily leaves, or is discharged by the Client within 60 days from the date employment or contract work commences for reasons other than corporate restructure, Edge will make every effort to provide a suitable replacement.