“A true professional and an honest man in helping with the transition to civilian practice.”

James A D’Anna, D.D.S., COL US Army Dental Corps (RET)

“After trying (and ultimately failing) for over 10 years to recruit my own associate / partner, Andy successfully found me not just one, but two extremely well qualified associated in a matter of only a few months.  He was (and is) there for help and support every step of the way and certainly delivers on everything he promises.  I would highly recommend his firm to anyone interested in expanding their practice.  What a great investment I made!”

Mark Mueller, D.D.S.

“In my 20+ years of dental experience, Andy is by far the most resourceful, timely, well respected recruiter I have come across.  I feel confident in his abilities that any open position requiring a dentist would be best filled by using him as a resource.” 

Todd Hehli, D.D.S.

“I recently worked with Andy on a transaction in the Milwaukee area and came away impressed. Unlike most brokers he understands valuation concepts and tax law. This makes it much easier to negotiate a deal with someone. He's a great advocate for his clients, but he also does them a great service by offering them great advice and realistic expectations. I would recommend Andy without hesitation to anyone selling their practice.”

–Michael Bark, C.P.A.

“My experience with Andy and Edge Dental Recruiting has been a successful one.  He listened to me and what my concerns were.  He then found a perfect fit for me that not only worked for the employer, but also for me as a candidate.  Andy cares about making sure both parties get what they want so that a successful, long term arrangement can be made.  Andy persistently worked for me to get me to a situation I am thrilled with.  He's very easy to work with, available to answer questions, and takes a personal interest in his clients.  I would and have recommended Andy to several of my friends.” 

Andy Lindner, D.D.S.

“When Andy says something, he gets it done, right away.” 

– Jeff Bell, D.D.S.

“…..without question, Andy Lehmkuhl’s dedication to his role and responsibilities as a recruiter is unsurpassed. He is acutely sensitive to both the needs of the prospective candidate, employer, or seller of a dental practice.  Andy’s personality and experience allows him to engage with the individual and connect the individual to a beneficial long term arrangement.  In addition, he is extremely prompt to respond; attentive to details of the process, and demonstrates a strong value system in the relationship-building and transaction process.   Andy Lehmkuhl absolutely understands all aspects of recruiting dentists, matching dentists, or finding practices and people.  He will not disappoint you.”

John Werwie, D.D.S.

"Andy was terrific and delivered a number of high quality pre-screened candidates to us for consideration as we set out to bring in a successor to a recently acquired practice.  Not only did Andy make the introductions, he struck the right balance between us and the candidates to filter the important issues and ultimately made our process more efficient for us and the candidates.  He is highly professional and very well connected throughout the state.  We continue to compare notes on the marketplace and we will definitely engage with Andy for our continued recruiting efforts.  We have established a great working relationship between our companies."

Tim Mathison, President, Stepping Stone Dental Partners

"Andy is motivated and driven, a "get-it-done" kind of a person who thinks outside of the box.  He sees the final picture when others see only the puzzle pieces.  He does this in a compassionate and caring manner, unlike many other recruiters and consultants.  He creates a win-win situation for all parties involved, and doesn't rest until that is accomplished.  I highly recommend working with Andy.  You won't be disappointed."

James H. Perry, D.D.S.

"Edge Recruiting is the best recruiting and consulting service we have come across.  Andy Lehmkuhl is extremely versed in what he does and is very professional.  We are a family of dentists and we really appreciate everything he has done for us.  If you need help with recruitment or anything to do with practice you must give him a call!"

– Timothy Quirt, D.D.S.

 “You learn real quickly working with Andy that he means business.  I went from being a new graduate with a few “less then exciting” job prospects to working at my dream job, in about three months.  To put it simply, the guy gets things done and makes it look easy. He has a vast amount of experience in the field and an equally vast amount of connections throughout the state.  He conducts himself in a very professional manner, and is able to work well with all types of people and personalities.  He has a unique set of skills that make him very good at what he does, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a job or practice.”

– Neil Olson, D.D.S.

"Andy Lehmkuhl is the reason I chose my current job.  He is very professional and knowledgeable, yet demonstrates compassion.  He guided me in making the right decisions and shows genuine concern for my best interest.  Andy also values hard work and dedication to his job, which was evident throughout all of my interactions with him.  I feel that Andy is a great resource to utilize for his guidance, diligence, and personality when job or practice seeking in the field of dentistry." 

Gauri G. Patel, D.D.S.

“I have known Andy Lehmkuhl personally and professionally for many years.  Personally he has always been nice, upbeat, positive and always considerate of others.  He always presents himself well, and comes across as very confident person.  He is a pleasure to be around. He has proved to be hard working, and a real team player. He has done a great job with all the aspects of his job.  Andy has shown that he takes pride in his work and is not afraid to go the extra mile to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Andy is the type of person who is driven to better himself and will do an outstanding job no matter what he pursues in life.” 

Ron Wapotish, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.

“My experience with Andy Lehmkuhl has been nothing but exceptional!  He is a highly regarded person who is honest, loyal and sincere; he is outgoing and understanding.  Although my relationship with Andy started out with business, we became friends because he is easy to talk to and looks out for the interests of others.  Andy works hard towards a given goal.  I have only positive things to say about Andy and my experiences with him!” 

Jennifer Anderson, D.D.S 

"Mr. Lehmkuhl has excellent interpersonal skills and is very knowledgeable in the facets of the dental business, from single practices to large dental groups.  He was one of the primary reasons I choose my current employer and I am confident will continue to be an exceptional recruiter". 

Eric H Ladimer, D.D.S

"Andy knows how to work well within the dental industry and the business world.  He is well spoken, knowledgeable, and friendly while staying very much in tune with the desires of dental employers and prospective dentists.  Most importantly, Andy is trustworthy, a quality that is evident within only a very short period of knowing him."

Justin Baltz, D.D.S.

“Andy Lehmkuhl knows the dental field and the dental culture in Wisconsin.  He understands how dentistry as a business works.  He has an excellent reputation with many dentists throughout the state and is well known at Marquette Dental School.  I would recommend Andy Lehmkuhl as a great resource for career advice.”

Christian Harteau, D.D.S.

"Having been a dentist for 25 years now, I have had numerous experiences with consulting and recruitment representatives. Andy Lehmkuhl is among the best. I have found him to be honest, insightful, and conscientious. In short, he does what says he’ll do. My situation took some time to accommodate, but with the resources available to Edge Dental, Andy was able to find the perfect fit for me and my family. I would strongly recommend Edge Dental in the pursuit of any dental venture."

– Rod Messner, D.M.D.

“The transition from dental school to associateship or private practice can seem intimidating and overwhelming. Meeting Andy provided instant insight to options that suited me best.  His background in the private dental setting supplied quick results.  I am thoroughly satisfied with my current professional situation, thanks to the services of Andy and Edge Dental.”

– Jacob Siegert (Marquette University School of Dental 2011)

“I have known Andy for years and found him extremely knowledgeable, totally professional and maintains absolute confidentiality.  I found that he lives by the old adage that his word is his bond.  If Andy says it then you can rely on it.  I found that he works to connect a doctor with a practice opportunity ONLY where he is confident of a great fit.”

–Richard Beatty, D.D.S.

“Andy is wonderful to work with. He helped me find a situation that fit my family’s needs. He’ll be honest with you about everything. (In 19 years of dentistry, I’ve found that’s far too rare.)  He’ll tell you exactly what he believes is best in helping you find a great match and will then help you go out and do it.  Thanks Andy.”

–Joseph Van Cleve, D.D.S.

"The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Andy Lemkuhl is he is a man of his word. I have known Andy for three years and when I learned he started his own consulting company, I was certain I would utilize his services and confident he would deliver the best practice opportunity for me and my family. He has not disappointed. Andy was always available, followed through on every proposal, and took the necessary time to make sure the fit was correct. I never felt Andy was "just making a deal"; he treated me with respect. I am a young dentist, and I promise that whether you are retiring or just out of school, Andy will do what is right for you. I have recommended Andy to many of my colleagues, and will continue to do so. Thank you Andy."

–Brandon Roth, D.D.S.

"I have known Andy for some time both professionally and personally. When looking for a new role in dental business operation he was more than happy to help while still addressing my concerns and looking out for my family and I’s best interest. Andy went above and beyond for me in finding me my current role. He is loyal, trustworthy and driven. He will do whatever it takes and won’t stop till he finds you the right fit. Andy is great to work with and I would refer him to anyone!"

Jana Haynes, Operations