Edge is a Midwest company that strictly focuses on dental Recruitment, Consulting, and Retention. We strive to be on the cutting Edge and ahead of the competition. Our goal is to put an end to the myth that "there is a shortage of dentists in the US." We feel that there is no shortage, you just have to know where to find them - and that is our strength. We focus on building long lasting relationships, finding the hard to reach candidates, and seeing the process through to hire.

A dental office cannot afford to bring in the "wrong" associate. A constant turnover in dentists within an office disrupts the dynamics of the office, places doubt in the eyes of the patients, and simply is not cost effective to train an associate and then lose them. We can help eliminate the turnover of associates by hiring the right choice the first time.

What Edge Brings to the Table:

- Over 10 years of STRICTLY dental recruiting and consulting
- Over 150 dentists placed
- 8 years of dental operations experience
- A guarantee on all new hires
- Experienced consulting in: Contract Negotiations, The Interview Process, Operations, etc.
- Full background check on all candidates
- License / DEA / NPI Verification